What is a good tax system?

I have been thinking for a long time about the basics of taxation, because many people are not even aware of how and how much they tax, how much it does not matter how much a tax rate is when it comes to seeing the whole system.

Anyway, it would bring a revolutionary change to the life of the country if people once realized that the state could only give them what it had taken away from them with the other hand. Every penny distributed by the state, before it, is tax-deducted from society.

You may be required by the state to support

Say, my access to housing, but remember that I have to pay more taxes in exchange for the social balance to be zero at the end. I may be better off because someone else pays for part of my apartment, but I also pay the cost of going to the theater and church, or the free travel of nearly half a million people (plus retirees). So I won’t be at all advanced, even though I’m happy with my supported flat.

It is possible to contemplate how high taxes are, but as long as everyone expects everything from the state (the Kádár era never seems to die out of the Hungarian masses), let’s face it, there is no tax reduction.

Therefore, do not cry when there are no jobs, because we have the second highest tax wages in Europe , so nobody wants to create jobs.

We can be proud that corporate tax is only 10%, which is true, but by the time the business owner pays everything (business tax, dividend tax, EHO, etc.), he will have less money than a similar business owner in the surrounding countries.

What are the ways of taxation?

Many people identify taxation with personal income tax and corporation tax paid by companies, while these two items are among the lowest in state tax revenue.

Therefore, it is good to know where taxes (and duties) are being taken from us. (We sometimes get paid for taxes, sometimes we don’t. For example, we get a procedural fee, but the property tax is a common name.)

By browsing through the numbers above, here are some interesting lessons to be learned:

We pay twice as much on sales tax (VAT) when we spend money as we pay on personal income tax.

The excise tax (most of which is paid at refueling) is almost two thirds of the total personal income tax. (More than half the price of a liter of gasoline is some kind of tax.)

Pension and health care contributions

Are more than three times our personal income tax (so it is almost irrelevant how much your income tax rate is). Opardon, it’s not called a contribution anymore because you should give something in return. If I pay a pension contribution, I am entitled to a later retirement benefit. Therefore, the contributions so far have been renamed to tax. Because I can’t expect any consideration for the tax. These two items underwent a small but huge change of name a few years ago.

The telecommunication tax on telephony costs us $ 57 billion more per minute, which does not include many other taxes (frequency charges, etc.)

Banks alone pay far more in special taxes and transaction taxes than all other market players combined in corporation tax.

Companies are forced to pay 10% of their total corporate tax on their cars.

Even if the budget is planned to be loss-making, we will spend nearly a billion HUF more than we manage to collect in tax again.

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